Past Projects.

Before and After El Mariachi Desert Peak Digital

El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant


One of our most exciting projects to date was working with El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant, a local eatery that was looking to revamp its brand and online presence. The restaurant had been in business for over two decades, but its overall presence had become outdated and didn’t accurately reflect the restaurant’s vibrant personality.

Our first step was to meet with the restaurant’s owner, Anna, and discuss her vision for the new branding and website. She wanted a fresh, modern look that still honored their traditional roots and highlighted their homemade, authentic Mexican cuisine. We were thrilled to take on this project!

We started by redesigning the restaurant’s logo. We wanted to create a mark that was eye-catching, memorable, and instantly recognizable as “El Mariachi”. After only crafting two sketches, we landed on a design that combined a bold, stylized mariachi member with a very simple color palette. The result was a logo that perfectly captured the spirit of the restaurant.

Next, we turned our attention to the menu. Although the restaurant’s current menu was serviceable, it did require a few tweaks to improve its overall appeal.

We streamlined the menu, organizing the dishes into logical sections and creating a clear hierarchy of headings and subheadings. We also added mouth-watering photos, thanks to the owners’ help, so customers can easily picture the food.

Finally, we built a brand new website for the restaurant. We wanted to create a site that was easy to use, visually appealing, and highlighted the restaurant’s unique features. We used bold, colorful images of the food, the restaurant’s interior, and the staff to create a vibrant, welcoming feel. We also made sure that the site was optimized for mobile devices, so customers could easily access it on the go.

Overall, working with El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant was a fun and rewarding experience. We loved collaborating with the Anna to bring her vision to life, and we’re proud of the final result. The new logo, menu, and website perfectly capture the essence of the restaurant, and we’re thrilled that we could help them modernize their brand and online presence.

Beauty Storm by K Website Desert Peak Digital

Beauty Storm by K


We were delighted to partner with Karen Jasmin from Beauty Storm by K, so when she approached us with her vision for a new eBook and website, we were eager to help make it a reality. We knew that content writing and graphic design were both areas where we could provide a lot of value, and we were also excited to explore the possibility of using Shopify as a platform to sell the eBook.

We started by working closely with Karen to understand her vision for the eBook and the message she wanted to convey. We then began the content writing process, carefully crafting each chapter to provide valuable insights and tips for readers while also maintaining a consistent tone and voice throughout. We also created custom graphics to complement the content and help bring the eBook to life.

Once the eBook was complete, we turned our attention to creating the website. After some discussion, we decided to use Shopify, instead of WordPress, as the platform for the site, since it offered a range of features and customization options that we felt would be ideal for selling the eBook. We worked closely with Karen to choose a theme and design the site, taking care to ensure that it was easy to navigate, visually appealing, and optimized for sales.

We then integrated the eBook into the site, creating a seamless experience for customers to purchase and download the eBook. We also provided Karen with training and support to help her manage the site and make updates as needed.

Overall, the process was a great success. Karen was thrilled with the final result, and we were happy to have provided her with a high-quality eBook and website that would help her grow her business and reach a wider audience. By using Shopify, we were able to create a site that was easy for her to manage and update, while still offering all the features she needed to sell her eBook effectively. It was a pleasure working with her, and we look forward to helping more clients bring their visions to life in the future.

Before After Mariachi

Star Cinemas Lake Havasu City


When Star Cinemas approached us with a request to redesign their menus, we knew we had a unique challenge ahead of us. Unlike traditional restaurants, movie theaters have to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time, while also creating a fun and engaging experience for customers. We were excited to take on the challenge!

We started by conducting a thorough analysis of the existing menus. We identified several areas where the menus could be improved, including the layout, the typography, and the use of images. We also noticed that the menus lacked a cohesive visual style and didn’t effectively communicate the theater’s brand.

To address these issues, we created a new visual style for the menus that was fun, vibrant, and full of personality. We used bright colors, bold typography, and playful graphics to create a cohesive look that was consistent across all the menus.

We then reorganized the menus to make them easier to read and navigate. For example, we created separate sections for hot food, popcorn, and drinks, and included clear headings and subheadings to help customers quickly find what they were looking for. We also added images of the food and drinks to create a more visual experience and help customers better visualize their options.

Finally, we made sure that the menus were optimized for the theater’s unique needs. For example, we included information on ticket prices and showtimes directly on the menus, so customers could quickly see all the information they needed in one place. We currently have an agreement with Star Cinemas to change the menus as needed.

Overall, we’re really proud of the final result. The new menus perfectly capture the theater’s fun and engaging brand, while also effectively conveying all the information customers need to have a great movie-going experience. We’re thrilled that we could help Star Cinemas Lake Havasu improve their menus and enhance their customer experience.